Coming of the Darkstar began in 1992 as my fan tribute to the original classic Super Nintendo Role Playing Game, Final Fantasy II (now known as Final Fantasy IV). This fanfic took place a year after the ending of the original game and centered around exploring the characters of Golbez and Cecil and reestablishing the relationship between the two brothers. The final version of this story was completed in May of 2008. See more about Darkstar’s Timeline and development here.


Though Darkstar includes a number of characters that belong to Square/Enix and are under their copyright, much of the work and characterizations are my own in nature and spirit. I don’t claim to own any of the original FFIV characters… however, derivitive personalities (such as Ben) are 100% my own invention.

A number of characters are completely original characters of my own creation. Those belong to me.

Some characters are creations of friends and family members that were used by permission. These include:

Captain Silver – Created by my sister
Leona Pollendina – Created by Syntyche
Deric the Half-Elf Warrior – Created by Deric
Edhan Nightshade – Created by Edhan

Thanks to you for allowing me to cameo your characters in my story! May old legends never die!

Darkstar Vs. FFIV’s “New Canon”

Though the world of Darkstar has grown vastly since I began writing this story, I based the foundation of the world and the characters on the original classic canon of the SNES Final Fantasy II game. This version of the game gave a lot of leeway for fans to interpret the world and characters — for that I am eternally grateful. However far flung some of my theories of the world, I did my best never to step on toes when it came to the “rules” that the original canon gave us.

As some fans might know, the FFIV DS version released in 2007-2008 has gone back and changed quite a bit of the canon… through changing names, bits of storylines… and most of all, defining backstories that never existed before. The DS version included a completely new backstory on Cecil and Golbez’s origins, defining the fate of KluYa and his wife… as well as how Golbez became Golbez. It defined Golbez’s real name as “Theodore”… and various other things that had never existed up until now.

Following that, S/E released a  sequel of FFIV, called “The After.” This further defined events and characters from the original game, though taking place many years after the end of FFIV.

Based on these changes, I’m sad to say that Darkstar no longer follows the canon of the FFIV universe. Therefore, I am resigned to complete my decade-long writing project as an AU work… though up until 2007, I could claim that it was not. I will reserve my thoughts and feelings about changing canon 20-some years after a game has been released and the effect that it has on fanwork. Needless to say, I have nothing good to say about it. :p

Darkstar remains true to the era it was written for, however. Classic FFII/IV is the only canon I will abide by.